Some of the Sydney Home Maintenance Services We Offer

External Stuff - Like High Pressure Cleaning etc...

high pressure cleaning Property Management
Fence, gate install/repair
Install patios/repair decks
Gutter replace
Siding, fascia
Window installation or repair
Pet doors
Brick work
Stone & decorative walkways
Cement repair/replace
Garden landscaping
Clean out gutter
Install sprinkler system

Internel Stuff ..........

Assembling or building shelving / storage
Flat pack furniture assembly
Window installation or repair
Painting Wallpaper hung or removed
General Repairs
Laying of laminate & wooden floors
Hanging doors & repairs
Hanging mirrors & pictures
Fitting venetian blinds, curtains or mirrors
Trim carpentry
property maintenance | Painting | Wallpaper


Plumbing Add or replace fixtures
Repair leaks
Repair/replace water supplies
Toilet repair
Plumbing in sinks
Installing appliances (e.g. washing machines or dishwashers)

Electrical ..........

Install light fittings
Install/replace ceiling fans
Replace circuit breaker / Fuses

Install/replace new sockets
Install/replace extractor fan



Bathrooms Tile installation & repair
Removing, installing shower doors
Installing shower doors
Fix a running toilet
Bathtub fix it
Fixing general plumbing problems
Fixtures installed or replaced
Towel racks hung
Painting / Tiling
Replacing damaged / old grout

Kitchens ..........

Counter tops
Installing & upgrading cabinets
Installing cabinets & appliances
Kitchen sink installation

Home Maintenance Tips From Handyman Pro

Everyone dreams of owning their own home. What most people forget is that this dream quickly turns into a nightmare when costly repairs occur. Without following a home maintenance schedule, your house is likely to get damaged over time, leading to costly repairs and renovation.

The good news is that all of this can be avoided with a solid home maintenance plan.

A report from the US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that homeowners spend at least $2,200 yearly for home maintenance and repair. Further studies from the University of Illinois Extension also show that typically, homeowners should save around 2% of the purchase price of their home each year just to cover basic maintenance.

These maintenance expenses increase over time as the home ages, especially true if you postpone or ignore regular maintenance. Parts of your home might end up seriously damaged - and more expensive to repair - as a result.

To avoid all this, it's best to find a local handyman who can get the job done well and within budget.
This is where we come in. Handyman Pro provides home maintenance services that keeps your home and property in shape, avoiding costly and dangerous problems in the long run. Say goodbye to costly repairs, health and injury risks, and preventable damage. Say hello to a safer, better home.

Here's what you get when you work with us on your home maintenance plan:
- Lower utility expenses. We will check and maintain the parts of your home that affect cooling and heating, so that your energy bills won't be unnecessarily high.

- Longer life for the parts, appliances, and systems in your home. Because we'll spot problems early, we can easily repair and protect the equipment and components of your home before they get irreversible damages and malfunctions.

- Increasing your home's safety. Find out which parts of your home are vulnerable in natural calamities such as hurricanes and earthquakes. We can help you reinforce and maintain them before any damage is done. We can also repair and maintain your smoke alarms to ensure that they'll be working right when you most need them.

Here are some crucial tasks that Handyman Pro can do for you:
- Gutter Cleaning. Having a full gutter that doesn't drain isn't just an eyesore, but it can cause permanent damage on your property as well. If the water from your roof doesn't drain correctly, the water might eventually seep into the ground and the foundation, causing it to weaken.

- Roofing Repair and Maintenance. Don't wait for a leak before you think about repairing your roof. This crucial part of your house protects it from the elements, so it's best to keep it in shape to avoid later problems of algae, rot, and a weakened structure and shingles. Any major roofing problems might lead to other problems within your home, including damp walls and electrical lines that are water-damaged.

- Painting. Painting isn't just about color, it's also about protecting materials. Regular long exposures to the sun, rain, moisture, and snow can wear down the components of your home over time. Regular painting prevents that.

- General Repairs. When something shows the least sign of breaking down, it's best to have it repaired as soon as possible, before the problem gets any worse. We can inspect and repair your smoke alarms, doors and windows, locks and screens, and other essential components of your home.

Professionals at Handyman Pro provide all of these services. Find out which of these home maintenace tasks are essential to your home, contact us now to get started.


Services List

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Lightbulb Replacement
  • Fitting Plasma/LCD Screens
  • Putting Up Shelves
  • Hanging Display Boards
  • Fitting Signage
  • Moving Furniture
  • installing Cabinets
  • Hanging Projector Screens
  • Easing Jammed Doors
  • Fitting Blinds and Curtains