Some of the Services We Offer

External Stuff - High Pressure Cleaning etc...

high pressure cleaning Property Management
Fence, gate install/repair
Install patios/repair decks
Gutter replace
Siding, fascia
Window installation or repair
Pet doors
Brick work
Stone & decorative walkways
Cement repair/replace
House High Pressure Cleaning
Clean out gutter
Install sprinkler system

Internel Stuff ..........

Assembling or building shelving / storage
Flat pack furniture assembly
Window installation or repair
Painting Wallpaper hung or removed
General Repairs
Laying of laminate & wooden floors
Hanging doors & repairs
Hanging mirrors & pictures
Fitting venetian blinds, curtains or mirrors
Trim carpentry
property maintenance | Painting | Wallpaper


Plumbing Add or replace fixtures
Repair leaks
Repair/replace water supplies
Toilet repair
Plumbing in sinks
Installing appliances (e.g. washing machines or dishwashers)

Electrical ..........

Install light fittings
Install/replace ceiling fans
Replace circuit breaker / Fuses

Install/replace new sockets
Install/replace extractor fan



Bathrooms Tile installation & repair
Removing, installing shower doors
Installing shower doors
Fix a running toilet
Bathtub fix it
Fixing general plumbing problems
Fixtures installed or replaced
Towel racks hung
Painting / Tiling
Replacing damaged / old grout

Kitchens ..........

Counter tops
Installing & upgrading cabinets
Installing cabinets & appliances
Kitchen sink installation


Services List

  • House Pressure Cleaning
  • Lightbulb Replacement
  • Fitting Plasma/LCD Screens
  • Putting Up Shelves
  • Hanging Display Boards
  • Fitting Signage
  • Moving Furniture
  • installing Cabinets
  • Hanging Projector Screens
  • Easing Jammed Doors
  • Fitting Blinds and Curtains