Handyman Services We Offer in Sydney - Eastern Suburubs, Mosman, Northern Beaches

External Stuff - High Pressures Cleaning etc...

handyman sydney Property Management
Fence, gate install/repair
Install patios/repair decks
Gutter replace
Siding, fascia
Window installation or repair
Pet doors
Brick work
Stone & decorative walkways
Cement repair/replace
High pressure cleaning
Clean out gutter
Install sprinkler system

Internel Stuff ..........

Assembling or building shelving / storage
Flat pack furniture assembly
Window installation or repair
Painting Wallpaper hung or removed
General Repairs
Laying of laminate & wooden floors
Hanging doors & repairs
Hanging mirrors & pictures
Fitting venetian blinds, curtains or mirrors
Trim carpentry
property maintenance | Painting | Wallpaper


Plumbing Add or replace fixtures
Repair leaks
Repair/replace water supplies
Toilet repair
Plumbing in sinks
Installing appliances (e.g. washing machines or dishwashers)

Electrical ..........

Install light fittings
Install/replace ceiling fans
Replace circuit breaker / Fuses

Install/replace new sockets
Install/replace extractor fan



Bathrooms Tile installation & repair
Removing, installing shower doors
Installing shower doors
Fix a running toilet
Bathtub fix it
Fixing general plumbing problems
Fixtures installed or replaced
Towel racks hung
Painting / Tiling
Replacing damaged / old grout

Kitchens ..........

Counter tops
Installing & upgrading cabinets
Installing cabinets & appliances
Kitchen sink installation

Why Choose A Handyman Instead of Hiring A Tradesman?

For those homeowners with a long list of projects on the drawing board, contracting professional handyman services offers the perfect solution. While most people may still envision handymen as solitary souls carrying a wooden toolbox, that stereotype is far from accurate. Today's handymen are experienced professionals who are capable of tackling any project that homeowners might be considering.

One notable difference between commercial contractors and an experienced handyman is customer service and attention to detail. While the average contractor is generally considering the next job, your handyman will be completely focused from start to finish. In a nutshell, handymen will treat your home as if it was their own. What might you expect from professional handyman services?

Complete Renovation Services

Most homeowners who are considering a renovation project will begin with the kitchen or bathroom. A builder with experience in all trades is the perfect fit for these types of remodeling projects. From plumbing and finish carpentry, to tile and grout work, and even custom plastering, a talented handyman will be involved in every aspect of a project, and will offer a refreshing degree of consistency from start to finish.

Handyman services offer homeowners the unique ability to move from very complicated projects, to the ever-growing to-do list that all families are certain to have.

General Maintenance Services

If neglected, general maintenance can add multiple pages to any to-do list. This is typically an area that many large contractors will avoid, and this is when your handyman is always worth his weight in gold.

As soon as any home is completed, it begins to deteriorate. Before simple issues become unmanageable, contracting the services of a handyman offers the perfect solution to keep things in check.

Beginning with the exterior of the home, routine maintenance such as high pressure cleaning, and cleaning rain gutters will help to avoid a host of problems down the road. A handyman will make simple projects like these part of an annual checklist to make certain that more costly repairs won't result from simple neglect.

Most homeowners will have more lofty goals in regards to exterior projects. Professional handyman services will be ready for the challenge. Keeping a well maintained exterior might involve roof repairs, skylight installation and maintenance, as well as making certain that windows and exterior doors are always kept in good repair.

A personal handyman will also attend to fencing installation and repairs, deck and pergola maintenance, and the construction of that tool shed or cubby house that the family has always talked about.

Interior And Exterior Painting

Being able to address interior and exterior painting projects without hiring a painting contractor is one of the benefits of handyman services. This is an area where attention to detail will be evident, and appreciated by the homeowner.

As the to-do list becomes shorter, handyman services will make certain that nothing is overlooked. Whether it's time consuming furniture assembly, maintaining smoke alarms, removing or installing screens, or changing locks on entry doors, the sky really is the limit when homeowners contract the services of a talented handyman.


Services List

  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Lightbulb Replacement
  • Fitting Plasma/LCD Screens
  • Putting Up Shelves
  • Hanging Display Boards
  • Fitting Signage
  • Moving Furniture
  • installing Cabinets
  • Hanging Projector Screens
  • Easing Jammed Doors
  • Fitting Blinds and Curtains